It’s not just important what we do, but also how and why. We expect of our employees to own them, grow to understand them more deeply and live them out. We call our customers and partners to hold us accountable to them and help us realize them.

1. We exist to understand & serve our customers.

Without our customers we wouldn’t exist, it is critical that we work hard to clearly understand their top priorities & unmet needs. Life is too short to make products that don’t clearly make a difference in people’s work and life. We know our product directly impact our customers top job priorities because our product development process is fully centered around our customers.  We don’t allow internal difficulty to allow us to lose focus on whom we exist to serve-- our customers.


2. We are not lovers of money.

It’s been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. We reject the teaching that the purpose of business is to maximize value for just shareholders. Instead, we hold to this view – the chief end of business is to maximize returns for all stakeholders. We believe this approach is the solid foundation for sustainable financial returns and impact. Our stakeholders include our customers, employees, shareholders, supply chain, community, environment and world. Rather than inward focused greed, we want outward focused blessing.


3. Work is good, not bad.

There is a great deal of confusion regarding the purpose and value of ‘work.’ To us work is the use of discretion, problem-solving or creativity to achieve a given output, and work is good! When we put in a good day’s work we feel good about it, know that it served others and be proud of a job well done. Work shouldn’t be just to get a paycheck or be thought of as some sort of punishment. It’s the responsibility of all leaders in the organization to identify and eliminate dysfunction that can make parts of work so frustrating. We enjoy our work.


4. We reap what we sow.

Agriculture is a good teacher. Through sowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, rest and so on, we will see a good harvest. Farming takes an incredible amount of hardwork and we put in the effort it takes. We also know that the weather of the market influences the harvest. In the end, every person is expected to act proactively and do their best.


5. We must always be building trust.

The ability to rely on one another is the single most important foundation of any organization or relationship. Trust is built over time. We must make commitments we can keep, keep them and communicate immediately when abnormal circumstances arise. We must not just consider our own interests, but also the interests of others. We are consistently reliable both individually and as a company.

6. We know risk-taking is important, and encourage it.

On the path of creating net-new products for customers, we will fail, and that is okay! Sure, we want to “be right” more often than “we’re wrong.” We take smart leaps of faith, with criteria for success and failure. In our company, failing must not produce condemnation or shame, rather put higher value on trying our very best.

7. We know the truth of a matter is of greater importance than merely good appearance.

Things can look good on the outside, but we want to know they are actually good on the inside. This has massive implications on all our work and results. If we miss our goals, we own it and say so. No covering up. We don’t misrepresent what our products can do. We constantly seek what is true, not just what will make us right or confirm our position. Truth is sustainable.


8. We are all a work in progress.

As an organization and as individuals not one of us is perfect. We may, and should, get a lot of things right. But, we will also fail. Admitting our failure and correcting for it is a source of strength, not shame. We extend forgiveness when wronged.


9. We keep good company.

We have very high expectations of ourselves and our partners. Trust, honesty and sustainability are values we expect in our partners. Disrespect of our employees is not tolerated by anyone.

10. We will be remembered by our love.

Our products and services will exist for a time, but ultimately they will pass away. When all is said and done, we will be remembered by how we treated, served and appreciated those we had the opportunity to work with. Let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture.


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