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Like any solid AEC / Industrial professional, you need to keep projects moving-- on-time, on-budget and error-free.


Precise 3D understanding of a remote sites saves time, money and mistakes.

In 2020, site-visits are replaced with a much more comprehensive, immersive and accurate form of site-discovery.


No more "we forgot to measure….", "we need to go back to site" or "that's probably about right." Once your facility or project area has been scanned by one of our professionals, you have access to precise reality, whenever you need it.


Combining the accuracy of 3D laser measurement technology and 360-degree photogrammetry, we create a DISCOVER experience for you and your trusted partners to explore the facility and take measurements, just as-if you were on site.


You know all this and that’s why you're here.

You have a reliable service provider in the US, that's great!

Factory RealityTM  
is your trusted partner for 3D laser scanning
for every other country in the world.


We've done the hard work of finding and vetting the top 3D laser scanning service providers around the world.


Each of our partners has over 10 years of survey experience and use the latest Leica Geosystems 3D scanning equipment (P-Series ScanStation/RTC360).



Our scanning experts are located around the globe, so we are able to minimize travel expense and travel time to site.


There can also be hidden costs involved in the customs duties of bringing laser scanning equipment into foreign countries. We avoid all this.


Precise communication is critical when we are talking about capturing important technical details thousands of miles away.


We work to clearly understand the area/object of interest and level of detail that is required, in order to effectively execute the survey on-site.

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Adil Evcil

Regional Project Manager

We had a very tight commissioning timeline. 

We couldn't have moved

as confidently and fast 

without the support of Factory Reality.

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