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Key Trends in Reality Capture

1. Data capture is happening faster

In the past, a 60 station day was knocking it out of the park. Today, 200 station days are quickly becoming the norm.

2. More industries are relying on laser scanning

Many industries are now "hooked" on getting as-built data, so the work keeps flowing in. Always a great thing, right?

3. Scan-to-CAD/BIM workflows can't keep up

Unfortunately, CAD and BIM model creation can't keep up with these positive trends. We're here to help your team.

Our team acts as an extension of your team.
Ensuring you have capacity, when you need it most.

1. High-quality 3D CAD/BIM Modeling


2. We focus on creating a sustainable, human-centered work environment for our team, so we can consistently serve yours.


3. Constantly finding ways to increase speed & reduce cost, while always providing great quality.


We have team members with 10+ years of  Autodesk® Revit® & architectural BIM experience.


Now engineering firms need 3D as-built CAD drawings, so they can do their work quickly & effectively. We provide these in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


For chemical, energy, mining, oil and gas plants we are able to offer not only Autodesk® Plant3D® modeling, but also construction isometric drawings.


The first part of our name originally comes from our interest in manufacturing. We know how automation & simulation are transforming CAPEX projects. We have experience to help.

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1. Request

Your team provides our team a registered point cloud (RCP/RCS), project expectations & required level-of-detail (LOD).

2. Estimate

We provide a delivery & cost estimate within one (1) business day.

3. Order & Start

With your purchase order, our team gets right to work!

Let's work together

We provide dedicated support to a limited number of customers in a high-quality, high-support manner.


If you are looking for this sort of support, please fill out our interest form, we'd love to talk about working together.

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