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4 Ways Manufacturing Project Managers' Job Is Easier With Factory Reality

The more we work with manufacturing project managers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the clearer it is that 3D laser scanning & reality capture is transforming how CAPEX projects are conceived, quoted and executed.

1. What’s above & around the project area can be crystal clear

A critical starting point for any project is determining what exists in the project space today, and not just on the floor, but also above and around. Recently we went to a sausage manufacturer that wanted to invest in an elevated pallet automation project. According to the 2D layout, everything looked fine. But, once you walked into the space the HVAC piping, not shown in the layout, meant their automation supplier had to make significant design changes that unexpectedly shot the cost up and brought the pallet capacity down.

2. Don’t waste time taking measurements

It’s not uncommon for existing equipment to come from another area or remote factory around. When those facilities are on the Factory Reality Platform, getting exact measurements is as simple as logging on and immediately taking a few measurements. You don’t even have to get up from your desk. This also means you no longer have to worry about missing a measurement during discovery. Since you always have access to the factory scan, you simply open it up, snap the measurement and move on with your day.

3. Suppliers can help themselves

There is no question that great suppliers are worth their weight in gold. With Factory Reality your trusted suppliers can be given access to your factory’s scan, so they can see the project area and take measurements without needing to come on-site. This simple capability can eliminate the need to host multiple vendors during discovery, the back and forth email or phone Q&A and travel expenses. Often quotes are submitted faster and projects get started earlier.

4. Clearer communication helps get project approval

You work hard to try to prove your project impact and ROI. Ultimately budget approval is what can make or break a proposal. Fully contextual walk throughs of the project area help managers and stakeholders understand the details as well as you do, because you are able to ‘take them’ to the factory floor while they're still sitting in the conference room.

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