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Move Second Hand Production Lines With Confidence

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

As product demands shift globally it is often the case the existing production lines can be put to better use in another country. Moving lines from the USA or Europe to Africa or the Middle East is common, but the process of ensuring quick removal, shipment and installation can be a challenge.

No longer worry about old, inaccurate drawings

In general, layouts and drawings of existing equipment can be over 10 years out-of-date and inaccurate. Relying on these documents can cause real problems when the equipment shows up to the new facility with “surprises.” False assumptions can cost time and money for the new location, but easily eliminated by working with Factory Reality.

We send an operator to the existing site to take an ultra-precise, 3D laser scan of the entire line. The result is 3D scan of all line equipment that can be used to easily take accurate measurements and understand the exact state of the line.

The 3D scan data can even be modeled to provide you top and side view DWG drawings of the equipment. This makes laying out the equipment in the new facility a breeze.

Know where you will need utility connections in the location

As the receiving facility prepares the site for the new equipment, knowing the exact location of utility and piping connections is critical. After a high-quality 3D scan and modeling, planning for these connections is simple and easily done in advance of the equipment arriving to site.

Quickly answer questions as they arise

It is inevitable that as the equipment transfer process moves along, new questions pop up that layouts and photos can’t answer. This means more time is wasted asking the sending factory to check something out and reply with more information. Once the 3D laser scan of the equipment is taken, nearly all of the follow on questions can be answered simply by pulling up the line on your desktop.

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3D Model of Existing Line Equipment from Laser Scan Data

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