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Case Studies

Home Improvement Store 3D BIM Project 

The Power of Design Automation in the Creation of Data-Rich 3D BIM Models 

With the increasing capability and practicality of reality capture software, the management of one nationwide home improvement store saw the opportunity to gain deeper insight into their existing assets by working with our partners and us at Factory Reality.

Image of racking inside a home improvement store

Multiple Residential Projects

How 3D BIM Modeling is Changing the way we Remodel our Homes 

While most of the projects that we at Factory Reality work on are for commercial structures, we are still often called upon to work on residential projects. These residential projects are usually smaller in square footage but tend to be more detailed. 

vaughn wipe.gif

Government Building Projects 

Middle School in Georgia Utilizes Scan-to-BIM For Renovation Planning

 As Scan-to-BIM has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, we have been getting an increasing number of projects from government entities. One of the most common sectors taking advantage of this technology is education

Thomasville GA School_MCT2_detached_6.png

Places of Worship Projects

How Places of Worship can use 3D Scan-to-BIM for Remodeling of their Historical Properties  


We have had the opportunity to build 3D BIM models for various churches, synagogues, and other places of worship. These structures are often large and complex, with grand openings and ornate detail. 

Church GIF.gif

Convenience Store Chain Remodel Project 

How We Helped One Large Convenience Store Chain Implement Changes at Scale 

Have you ever wondered how national/international chains change their locations at scale? When looking to make a change across thousands of sites, how do they stay organized and make decisions that ultimately affect their margins?

711 Gif.gif

Large Manufacturing Projects 

How a Large Equipment Manufacturer uses 3D BIM Modeling to Collaborate with a Global Team 

This case study will show the usefulness of 3D BIM Modeling in large commercial/manufacturing facilities. 


Restaurant Projects  

How Large Restaurant Brands Utilize 3D BIM Modeling for both Remodeling and Refreshing their locations.  

From significant chains with thousands of locations across the country to small local cafes, we have worked with these restaurants to create high-quality 3D BIM deliverables.

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