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Convert your Matterport®  XYZ to an Autodesk  ReCap® Project (RCP). 

In order to use the XYZ Point Cloud file generated by Matterport® Matterpak™ in Autodesk® products like Revit™  or AutoCAD, you must convert the XYZ file into an Autodesk ReCap (RCP) project.

To make this conversion process easier, we created a simple, free online XYZ to RCP conversion tool.


Upload your .XYZ point cloud file.

When you purchase the Matterport Matterpak™, the .XYZ file is inside the downloaded folder. You'll need to upload just the .XYZ file. We support up to 1 GB file sizes.


We'll convert & email you the download link.

When your ReCap Project (RCP) file is ready, we'll email you the download link.

++ This is a free tool for use by the AEC & reality capture community.


We want to help the community, but not be hurt by any bad actors. By using this tool you agree to indemnify Factory Reality LLC, holding us harmless of any claim, action or suit.

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