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The Value of Quality-focused Scan-to-BIM / CAD Outsourcing

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Particularly over the last 3 years we have seen a dramatic increase in the speed of 3D laser scanning field data capture. Devices like the Leica Geosystems RTC360 and FARO Focus Series are able to capture exceptional point clouds and photography in a fraction of the time it used to take. But, we’re preaching to the choir I know...

The Scan-to-BIM Bottleneck

When it comes to the conversion of 3D point clouds to Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD deliverables, this is where that high-speed project train turns into a steam-engine locomotive. As more stations are scanned each day, that same efficiency hasn’t made it’s way to deliverable creation. More and more tools are popping up to help, but there is still much headway to be made. 

When scanning business is booming, it means major pressure on the back office team to deliver. You’ve lived it, you know how it feels! Enter Factory Reality--working with our clients we sought to create a way to increase modeling capacity and ensure top quality, all while reducing cost.

Factory Reality To The Rescue

We’ve built a team of experts in converting your great scan work into Autodesk Revit & Autodesk AutoCAD deliverables that will help you sleep better at night and be a crowd pleaser with your customers.  We’ve worked hard to make ourselves an easy partner to work with, here is how we generally set up an on-going relationship.

First, we schedule a Zoom call to introduce ourselves, understand your company, team and needs. Then we ask you to agree to a pilot project within the following 2 months. When the right project comes in, you send the details to us and we provide you a proposal within 1 business day. Generally we find having 15 minute Zoom call ensure we are all on the same page during this stage help us fire on all cylinders. Our pricing is simple, we charge by the person days we believe it will take to complete. Even if it takes longer than we expected, you still pay the price we quote. Upon proposal approval, you send us the point cloud in RCP/RCS format via secure internet transfer and we get straight to work. Before we send a deliverable to you, we ensure we’ve not missed anything via a rigorous QA/QC process. Then we submit the final model for your approval and you, in-turn, provide it to the end-user.

After our first project, we’ll setup a Master Services Agreement outlining our ongoing relationship and you can have us support you whenever you have need.

How is Factory Reality different from others?

We aren’t the only show in town doing Scan-to-BIM/CAD modeling, but we do believe we’re the best for most American US 3D Laser Scanning Service providers. Here’s why:

  1. We are an American company with 100% American Ownership. Our US office is based in Raleigh, NC and we understand what your clients are expecting in a deliverable.

  2. We have an American-managed modeling team based in Izmir, Turkey. (think ancient Ephesus) Our founder and CEO, John Mickey, is actually based with our modeling team in Turkey. This allows us to have excellence in execution and a significant cost advantage.

  3. We have American Relationship Managers based in Izmir, that are your main point of contact on your project. So, working on your project together is just like using any other vendor in the United States.

We’d enjoy having the opportunity to connect if you are in need of a partner like ourselves. You can set up a Zoom appointment with us by clicking this link.

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